Lentes que se activan con la luz de la mano de una empresa independiente

IOT Neochromes® lenses automatically adapt to the intensity of the light outdoors and return to clear within a few minutes of coming back indoors.


Beneficios para el paciente

Leave old photochromics behind, choose IOT Neochromes® light activated lenses:

  • Quickly adapts to changing light conditions
  • 3 minute fade-back*
  • Block 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Provides high protection against blue light when dark
  • Consistent performance across a wide range of materials
  • High performance in a broad range of temperatures

* Measured at 555nm at 23ºC using ISO 8980-3: 2013/ ANSI Z80.3 2015. | t1/2F is 140 seconds.


Protection from harmful UV and blue light

IOT Neochromes® lenses are an excellent line of defense against blue light and completely block both UVA and UVB rays, in their dark phase, they filter more blue light than some products specifically created for that purpose.

Bloqueo de luz UV

La luz UV tiene niveles de energía mucho más altos que la luz visible. La córnea y el cristalino del ojo humano adulto son bastante eficientes bloqueando la radiación UV y evitando que llegue a la retina. Sin embargo, la exposición a la luz UV puede dañar la piel y las estructuras frontales del ojo.

Filtra la luz azul

Sunlight is by far the largest source of blue light in our environment. The display screens of our computers, phones and other digital devices are also a source of blue light. <strong>IOT Neochromes<sup>®</sup> lenses offer protection against these harmful wavelengths of light.</strong>

Be Ready


All photochromic lenses perform differently at different temperatures. In colder temperatures, photochromic lenses get darker and take longer to fade back. In warmer temperatures, photochromic lenses don’t get as dark, and fade back to clear even faster.

This is a characteristic of the photochromic equilibrium reaction. Photochromic molecules use the energy from heat to return to their transparent state.

Special attention was paid to the high-temperature performance of new IOT Neochromes® lenses. In hot temperatures, 33°C (around 91°F), IOT Neochromes® lenses will reach functional darkness, around 17% luminous transmittance, similar to many polarized sunglasses. At this temperature t½F is around 32 seconds.

Faster than ever IOT Neochromes® lenses always provide the right level of tint for your patient. Whatever the temperature is the lenses are crystal clear indoors and dark outdoors.

<strong>COLDER</strong> CLIMATE

+ Darkness; - Fade back speed

<strong>WARMER</strong> CLIMATE

- Darkness; + Fade back speed

Be Versatile


* Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Nuestra empresa

The innovators at IOT offer new break-through technology in light activated lenses. Contact us for more information about IOT Neochromes® lenses.